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Enhance your facility's performance, service quality, and safety with our experienced staff, proven methods, and innovative technology.

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Improve Employee Satisfaction

Empower flexible work modes, motivate, appeal, and keep your workforce with a customized employee journey.

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Achieve Sustainability Excellence

Develop a reliable strategy to align your sustainability goals with your business objectives, implement your plan to surpass your targets, and eliminate carbon emissions from your portfolio.

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Blackouts, Floods, Fires, Security Breaches, Insurance Lapsing

What is Facility Management?

Facilities management is the management and maintenance of buildings, properties, and other physical assets. The main objective of facilities management is to ensure that buildings and facilities are appropriately managed and maintained to provide a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for occupants and users. Facilities management involves various activities, such as cleaning, maintenance, repairs, security, landscaping, waste management, and energy management. Facilities managers may coordinate with contractors, vendors, and other service providers to ensure the maintenance of facilities in a timely and cost-effective manner. They may also manage budgets, oversee staff, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and safety standards. Effective facilities management is critical for organizations, including businesses, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and government agencies. By ensuring that facilities are well-managed and maintained, facilities managers can help organizations reduce operational costs, improve safety and security, and enhance their operations' overall productivity and efficiency. 


Facilities management is critical for maintaining operational efficiency, ensuring employees' safety, increasing productivity, creating a welcoming environment for employees and clients, and essential "risk management." The hurdle of building and financing the construction of a new facility is daunting - but this is only the first step if you want to ensure that you benefit from the entire life cycle of those facility assets. Safety, statutory and regulatory compliance, and ongoing insurability are among the many challenges a facility owner will face over their valuable assets' lifetime. 


Our strategy and core competency lie in assembling and managing highly qualified multi-disciplinary teams and engaging with a range of stakeholders for the timely and quality completion of projects.
TSC Global's specialist "Tactical Facility Management" group, headquartered in the UK, has experts in all aspects of facility management positioned worldwide, ready to be deployed to our clients' onsite locations or to assist with online analysis and assistance. Our highly skilled staff will undertake a bespoke, comprehensive review of our client's requirements within all aspects of Facilities Management and can mobilize swiftly anywhere in the world, visa permitting.


Careful planning and timely execution are required. The first step in the process is as important as each of the others, especially as it will lay out the initial plan and approach for the transformation goal. We will develop a shared understanding of immediate needs. We will then agree on priorities, including achievable needs, over what timeframe, by whom, and doing what. We will then jointly develop a future facilities management framework to automize the process and reduce risk (operational, financial, environmental, social, and governance).

Our transformative facility management process will examine:

  • Accountability: ensuring employee safety, increasing productivity, and creating a welcoming environment for employees and any users of the facilities.
  • Participation: understanding that people are the key to facility management - not only the beneficiaries of sustainable environmental, social, and governance - but also the agents of it.
  • Transparency: moving from the traditional secrecy of processes to sharing relevant and appropriate information.
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency: providing effective and efficient facilities for its users, the wider community, and the environment.

As part of our process, we will focus on the following:

  • Identifying and building: on the achievements of any previous work and knowledge.
  • Promoting broad participation: through our research process and stakeholder engagement, we will identify the challenges, needs, hopes, and aspirations of various stakeholders and their relationship with the facilities.
  • Engaging in and maintaining quality communications: ensuring our experts work closely with each other and our counterparts from the client.
  • Ensuring the transfer of knowledge: Providing focused and informative advice and stakeholder engagement that addresses the issues and includes practical means to resolve any issues arising as they happen and in the design and application for future projects. All is achievable through adherence to a robust facilities management process.
Tactical Facility Management Projects