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A Few Words About Us

We are a multi-skilled international consulting practice.

Investors in next generation hyperscale data centers and AI

Our management consultancy firm was founded in 1989 by a diverse group of practical and visionary economists, educators, financial experts, and private sector leaders, at TSC Global we have built a strong foundation in delivering practical solutions to complex problems. We have a truly global impact working on multiple projects across 104 countries worldwide.

Specialized teams within our offices around the world bring together a wealth of knowledge and experience from various fields, allowing us to tackle challenges from multiple perspectives.

We provide strategic advice, guidance, and options to a broad range of clients from multinational companies, governments, the private sector, NGOs and charities — helping our clients navigate their unique situations with confidence.

Our services don't stop there—we back up our strategic advice and solutions by offering comprehensive implementation road maps — and hands-on support — to ensure our clients achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

Most importantly, we work closely with our clients to address their unique social, environmental, financial, and regulatory challenges.

By understanding our clients’ specific needs and contexts, we tailor our solutions to deliver them the best possible outcomes.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and help you overcome your challenges with innovative and effective solutions.