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Our Process

Develop a deep understanding of the challenge: Before we start any work, we organize an initial meeting to find out more about what you need and what you are trying to achieve.
Clearly articulate the problem you want to solve: Setting proper tasks, goals, and timeframes can help a lot in achieving the desired results and greater success.
Brainstorm potential solutions, select and develop your solution: After all goals and outcomes are agreed, we propose our approach and methodology based on our experience and assumptions for discussion and agreement.
To optimize our advice, we will need a person or persons to act as our liaison, providing us access to documents and people.
The tactics are the tools or the action items of the plan. They are the means used to gain an objective.
Before implementing your project, we need to set a realistic deadline for the deliverables.
Design a (series of) prototype(s) to test all or part of your solution: During our process we will report both informally and formally to you, checking our progress and results against expectations.
Engage in a short-cycle testing process to refine and improve your solution:We will work with you to evaluate our findings and results, and discuss implications, including recommendations for implementation.
If you require any changes or additional advice, we introduce them at this stage before final sign-off.
Countries around the world where we have worked
Developing countries we have worked with.
Global projects undertaken by our teams of experts.