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What is an Open Access Network?

One of the main challenges facing the IT and telco sector is how to provide affordable and high-quality services to consumers in a competitive and dynamic market. Open Access Networks (OANs) are a promising solution that can enable multiple service providers to share the same network infrastructure, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. OANs can also foster innovation and diversity in the service offerings, giving consumers more choice and control over their IT and telco needs. OANs are not only beneficial for consumers, but also for the longterm sustainability of the sector, as they can reduce the duplication of network investments, lower the barriers to entry for new players, and promote fair and transparent competition. 


Developing OANs requires collaboration and coordination among various stakeholders, such as network owners, service providers, regulators, and consumers. It also requires adherence to common standards and principles that ensure interoperability, quality of service, and consumer protection. By developing OANs, we can support the growth and development of the IT and telco sector, while delivering low cost, best quality services to consumers.


Our strategy and core competency lie in assembling and managing highly qualified multi-disciplinary teams and engaging with a range of stakeholders for the timely and quality completion of projects.
TSC Global's specialist ICT and Telecommunication thematic group combines our global experts positioned in our regional offices worldwide, ready to be deployed. 


Careful planning and timely execution are required. The first step in the process is as important as each of the others, especially as it will lay out the initial plan and approach for the transformation goal. We will develop a shared understanding of immediate needs. We will then agree on priorities, including achievable needs, over what timeframe, by whom, and doing what. We will then jointly develop a future backbone network plan with seperation of network provision from service delivery - ensuring a fully open access network.