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Social prosperity is linked to the level of human well-being, health, education, and concept of equity, including demographic background, minorities and human rights, and child protection. The challenge with Social Development is how to enable qualitative changes in the structure and framework of society, that helps the society to better realize aims and objectives of effective and sustainable social development.


Our strategy and core competency lie in assembling and managing highly qualified multi-disciplinary teams and engaging with a range of public, private sector, non-governmental and citizen stakeholders for timely and quality completion of projects, TSC Global's "Social Development" is comprised of experts involved in poverty and social analysis on how to address multidimensional poverty (demographic transition, disability inclusion, resilience to climate change and natural disasters, and economic migration). Many of our projects have focussed on labor migration strategies, the facilitation of quality jobs creation and the strengthening of social protection systems. Through our Insurance and Risk experts we have helped develop social protection initiatives, and inclusive business opportunities across all genders, and promoted food security through micro-insurance, crop-insurance, targeted agricultural credit guarantee schemes and more. We have also assisted in promoting inclusive development at the grassroots level, empowering the marginalized sectors in society to contribute to the development agenda.
TSC Global‘s standard methodology entails building trustful relationships and helping to identify practical solutions for complex problems that our team of experienced experts may face during project preparation, and the implementation and delivery of high-quality results — often in tight deadlines.


As with any transformational process we will develop a shared understanding of what needs to be developed by identifying what each element of an overall goal can be achieved when, over what timeframe, by whom, doing what. Careful planning is required. The first Step taken in the process is as important as each of the other ones, especially as it will lay out the initial plan and approach for the transformation goal.

Our transformative governance process will examine:

  • Accountability: making all the organs of government accountable for the performance of functions.
  • Participation: unerstanding that people are the key to good governance - not only the beneficiaries of good governance but also the agents of it.
  • Transparency: moving from the traditional secrecy in governance to sharing of relevant and appropriate information.
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency: effective and efficient service delivery from the organisation being governed.

As part of our process we will focus on:

  • Identifying and building: on the achievements of our previous work and knowledge in the area.
  • Promoting broad participation: Through our research process and stakeholder engagement, we will identify the challenges, needs, hopes and aspirations of various stakeholders.
  • Engaging in and maintaining quality communications: by ensuring that our consultants work in very close cooperation with each other and our counterparts.
  • Ensuring the transfer of knowledge: by providing focused and informative advice and stakeholder engagement that not only address the issues but include practical means to resolve any issues arising as they happen, and in the design, and the application, for future projects.
Social Development Project Examples