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Our international IT transport and logistic experts worked with Shaanxi Transport and Logistics Port to identify and analyse the main bottlenecks of its existing logistic systems and the expected demand for any new or fully integrated system. Following the situational and needs analysis, our experts then proposed tailored options for IT system integration of the supply chain operations, together with the cost estimates and benefits for the various options. Working with government officials a series of feasibility reports were prepared.

Our experts brought their international IT expertise into the areas of supply chain logisitics, to unlock the benefits from digital transformation of the logisitics industry.

  • US$ 1.5 Trillion: Value to 2025 for the logistics industry from digital transformation.
  • 15%: Average rate of market capitalization growth of top logistics companies to 2014.
  • US$ 2.4 Trillion: Potential value of societal benefits from the digital transformation of the logistics industry to 2025.
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