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Universities worldwide seek to create a transparent and robust organizational design that enables its administration system to provide leadership, governance and campus-facing services efficiently and effectively—while also respecting the uniqueness and autonomy of the schools and its academics balanced against the needs of the students. One of NZ’s leading universities sought advice on how to develop a more rational matrix between its ‘academic quality’ function and its provision of ‘recruitment and delivery of academic students’ to courses and programs.


Our education, training, and business process re-engineering experts undertook a review of the academic and administrative structuring of the university, including a detailed diagnostic analysis of the administrative functions within Lincoln University and how the institution interacted with both students and academics, the quality and efficacy of the delivery of the administration services, and the impact of delivery on teaching and learning outcomes, including recruitment, delivery and post engagement. The strategy involved building an overview of the process flow, creating the process flow detail, writing the operating procedure, developing a detailed work instruction, and designing a plan for Continuous Process Improvement.


With the agreement of the university council, the ultimate governing body, administrative functions were realigned to significantly improve the administrative support of the academic programs, the receiving and processing of student enrolment and management for one of New Zealand’s most important agricultural Universities.

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